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Taking Coumadin® and other blood thinners is a standard treatment for several heart-related conditions. At Cary Cardiology, P.A., the experienced medical team offers a Coumadin clinic on-site at their offices in Cary, Fuquay-Varina, Dunn, and Benson, North Carolina, to closely monitor your use of this type of medication. There is also a home-monitoring option that is offered. Find out more about the benefits of the Coumadin clinic at Cary Cardiology, P.A., by calling the office nearest you or booking a consultation online today.

Coumadin Clinic Q & A

What is a Coumadin clinic?

The providers at Cary Cardiology, P.A., offer the convenience of an on-site Coumadin clinic to monitor your health if you’re using blood-thinning medications. A home-monitoring option is available in the comfort of your own home if you can’t travel to the office.

Coumadin is a brand of prescription anticoagulant that thins your blood to treat or prevent blood clots. Clots can increase your risk for stroke, heart attack, and other life-threatening health complications.

While blood thinners can effectively prevent blood clots, taking these medications can cause other unique health risks. If not properly managed, Coumadin and other blood thinners can cause serious side effects that affect your general health, including the death of skin tissue and kidney dysfunction.

The goal of the Coumadin clinic is to carefully evaluate your health while you’re using blood thinners to prevent life-threatening complications.

What can I expect during a visit at the Coumadin clinic?

The Coumadin clinic at Cary Cardiology, P.A., offers private appointments with the team based on a personalized schedule for your plan of care in the office nearest you or in your own home.

During your visit, a member of the team will take a sample of your blood by pricking your finger. They analyze the prothrombin time/international normalized ratio (PT/INR) levels of your blood to determine if you need adjustments to your medications.

The providers also provide resources that help you thrive while taking blood thinners, including information about your diet and certain drug interactions that can occur while taking Coumadin or similar medications.

What are the benefits of a Coumadin clinic?

The most significant benefit of the Coumadin clinic at Cary Cardiology, P.A., is that you get immediate results from your blood test during your appointment. If you experience side effects from taking a blood thinner, your provider can make changes right away.

Other benefits of the Coumadin clinic include:

  • More effective monitoring of your health
  • Decreased risk for life-threatening complications
  • Personalized contact with cardiology specialists
  • Access to resources that support your medication use

If you’re taking Coumadin or other blood-thinning medication, schedule a consultation to learn more about the benefits of the Coumadin clinic. 

You can call the Cary Cardiology, P.A., office nearest you, or book an appointment online today.